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Hi, I'm Qunta!! In this entry i want to show you an example of an introduction conversation. 
One day, an english tutor place had a new class to teach. There were about 5 students, 3 female students and 2 male students. Before the class begins, two female students met each other and started a conversation.
???          : Hi!! My name is Wulan. What is your name? ???          : Hi!! My name is Astrid. Are you in the same class as me? Wulan      : You are in Anggrek Class right? If yes, then I'm in the same class as you Astrid       : By the way, how old are you? Wulan      : I was born in 2001, so I am 16 years old. What about you? Astrid       : I was born in 2002, so I am 15 years old this year. Wulan      : What school are you from? I am from SMA 3 Bandung. Astrid       : I am from SMAN 3 Bandung as well, so you're my senior.
Finally tha bell rang and the class began, the teacher came into the room and asked tha students to introduce themselves.
Teacher    : Hi class!! …
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About Me
Hello, my name is Qunta! This is my first entry in my new blog. In this entry I want to tell you about myself. 
My name is Rizaldhy Quntasyah Puradimadja. I was born in Bekasi on 17th of July 2002. And currently I'm studying as a senior high school student. I have two siblings whose names are Allisyah and Chakra. I live in Bandung.

First, about my family. There are 5 members in my family. There are my father, my mother, myself, my sister, and my brother. My father's name is Misja, he is a really strict and tough father. He sometimes tell me to always keep my room clean and organize my belongings. My mother's name is Siti, she is all about those rule things. She is the one who keeps the family in the right order, for example, she keeps our books in order, she keeps our education in the right path. So, that's why she is really important for the family. My sister's name is Allisyah, she is my only sister and also the most annoying sibling. She is quiet clumsy in…